The Gnome's GardenThe Gnome's Garden
Inspired by the Citadel BBSs: The Old Gnomestead and Mars Hill
What is The Gnome's Garden?
It is an Internet Bulletin Board inspired by the Citadel BBSs: "The Old Gnomestead" and "Mars Hill". The Gnome's Garden is intended for polite discussion and friendly conversation. I hope we can create a feeling of community.

The Citadel Bulletin Board System was a dial-up network of public and private computer bulletin board systems. Mars Hill was a public board on the network that acted as a network hub out of Surrey, British Columbia. The Old Gnomestead was a node that I set up in order to participate without dedicating a phoneline to posting. It also gave me a unique look at running a BBS.

I have tried to capture the spirit and comraderie that those Citadel (ctdl) BBS had with this Forum BBS using PHPBB2 software. I hope that you will visit us there for a bit of fun and a bit of discussion.

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