Family and History

I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1958. I have a married sister. My Father's family is from Steinbach, Manitoba and that region. My Mother's family is from Alberta, in the area of Calgary. The family homstead is north of Brooks, Alberta but my Grandparents first came to Canada and zettled just south of Calgary in Okatoks. They came to Alberta from Long Island, New York where my Mom was born.

My Maternal Grandmother came from Norway and my Maternal Grandfather's Family came from Norway as well. My Father's Ancestors came to Southern Manitoba from Russia in 1874 or so when a large number of Mennonites left Russia to colonize in Canada.

My sister and I came to the Greater Vancouver BC region when my Parents moved to the coast in 1977. We lived in the municipality of Delta. Currently My Parents, Sister, and her Husband live in Surrey, BC while I live not too far away in Port Moody, BC.

About Me: Family and History

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