Howdy! My name is Darrell Wade Penner. I have many interests from artistic and historical to scientific and technological. I even have a bit of an interest in drama.

I consider myself a spiritual and faithful, yet open minded man. I have had a modestly interesting life when it comes to the esoteric including religious experiences.

I've been volunteering at the Port Moody Station Museum since 1999 and am currently on the Board of Directors.

What I Do

I express my interests in many way including poetry and other writing; artwork; web page and computer graphic design; reading, research, and hunting down information. What I do.

Where I live

I live in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, at the East end of Burrard Inlet. The image is a web cam image from my apartment of Eagle Mountain. Where I Live

About Me

About me What I do Where I live
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