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a few spring flowers...

Posting Apace

Howdy! Well the last week or two I have been “posting apace” with posts to here, Gnome itu Taman; The Garden Wall; Mawar berwarna Bifokal; Perumpamaan Lintang; Bertabrakan sebagai Satu; Apa Warisan; We’ll Make Cents; The Gnome Tapestry; and The Heretical Herald. I know that seems like a lot, but I am basically[…]


Writing on the Garden Wall

Well, so far so good. As well as beginning to post here, I have started posting on my editorial page “The Garden Wall“. Am I too ambitious? I mean trying to actively post in all of my sites? Well most of the ones on that page. Some of my sites have a lot of dust[…]

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