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Süratle Gönderme

Howdy! Peki geçen hafta ya da iki I have been “gönderme hızla” Buraya mesajlar, Gnome Bahçesi; Bahçe Duvarı; Gül Renkli bifokal; Latitude Mesel; One Collide; Miras Nedir; Biz Cents olun edeceğiz; Gnome Goblen; ve sapkın Herald. Ben bir sürü gibi görünüyor biliyorum, ama ben temelde ben[…]

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Added some links to “Gnomestead”.com

tarafından DWPenner
Kategoriler: Gnomestead Ağ, Web sitesi
Published on: Nisan 5, 2012

  My Old Homepages I spent a few minutes and added some more links to the bottom of my pages. These are in myex Homepageslinks. They are links to my previous homepages and are a connection to myhistoryon the web. I might have missed a page or two and my[…]


Web Sitesi İlerleme - Linkler

tarafından DWPenner
Published on: Mart 11, 2012

The website is progressing well. I have done major work on the links section of the site. Of course this is quite important as one of the main functions of The Gnomestead is to be the gateway to my other sites. One of the larger parts of the work has been to do screen captures[…]


Sosis! -o-o-O-ya da ayrılma

tarafından DWPenner
Published on: Mart 1, 2012

I’m doing work on the links page. It is interesting that both no provision and provision is made for Tables in WordPress. The styles are set up to a great extent, though they don’t appear quite right in the editor. They do show up properly on the website. I am as I mentioned placing the[…]

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