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La Ĝardena Muro

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it here before this. I named my Editorial Page: “La Ĝardena Muro” As you know it took quite a lot of consideration and thought: Perhaps people might think it is about gardening or construction, but I don’t think so and a person can misinterpret anything. I know I sometimes[…]


Sitting on the Wall

Eldonita sur: Aprilo 20, 2012

How doesSitting on the Wallsound for the name of my editorial column? It is the new working name for it. I am sort of satisfied with it. I will be wanting to use the wordWallin the name for sure as in a Garden Wall and a Wall that you can post[…]

42nd Birthday

A Gnome’s Garden

The Gnome’s Garden Sometimes a person has to remember what their goal is. The point of doing my editorial column is to have a serious column. It is to get away from the cuteness a bit. Though perhaps returning to the original roots in part is part of the goal. Originally I hadThe Gnome’s[…]

Full Beard

De Fireside de la Gnomo

Aperoj mi povus voki mian novan redakcian kolumnon “De Fireside de la Gnomo” Aŭ “De la Kameno de la Gnomo” Aŭ eble “De Campfire de la Gnomo”. Mi estas ankoraŭ pripensanta la decidon sur tio. Mi volas ankoraŭ devi kalkuli ekstere la ĝeneralan aperon. Nature la decido estas ĉiuj mino vere. Estas multaj ŝablonoj[…]

DWP Animated Icon

What’s in a Name — My New Editorial Page.

A Rose by Any Other Name What should I call my new Editorial Page? I decided that I will start a new editorial page. Not long ago I did a daily editorial page called “La Gnomestead Stumpeto” and while I could continue it even after a bit of a gap, I think perhaps I will[…]

Darrell Wade Penner — Dreamer

Kio devus min fari kun La Gnomestead Stumpeto?

“La Gnomestead Stumpeto” was my old blog that I kept as an online publication where I tried to publish an article a day. The articles were of an editorial nature on a broad variety of subjects. I kept that up for at least a third of a year until untoward circumstances kept me from keeping[…]

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