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2010 12 a Space Avatar

In Writing, No One Can Hear You Scream!

Hi! I’m actually referring to how many writers are working in a vacuum. They don’t have anyone at home to bounce ideas off of, or to read the rough drafts to before considering publishing even a blog entry. Do you support your friends and acquaintances? I mean do you actually make comments about what they[…]


Just Checking In!

Howdy, It’s Monday and I thought I would check in with you all! I’m still doing posts on the various blogs and sites I am running. See The Gnome’s Gnet for a list of blogs and sites that I am connected with. I’ll be looking at combine some of the sites into one and deleting[…]


Back on Trackreally

Howdy! I am attempting to start getting back on Track with my sites and blogs. This post is the start. The Gnome’s Garden being the central hub to my other sites. I plan on making regular posts on my writing site, “Роза Кольорові біфокальні очки” as well. I hope to be posting here at least once[…]


Garden and Grotto doing well.

шляхом Gnorman the Gnome
Опубліковано: January 31, 2013

  Howdy once more!   The Gnome’s Garden and The Troll’s Grotto are both doing well. I’m still working out how the two differ from each other, but I’m getting a good feeling for the that. Some things I would normally put into the Gnome’s Garden I am putting into the Troll’s Grotto. Sometimes I[…]

Lilies of the garden.

The Troll’s Grotto.

Howdy! I’m hoping to be able to write more regularly now. I have a few new tools. Let’s see how this goes. Not much talk about now, however I have started a new sister page to The Gnome’s Garden. The new Facebook page is calledThe Troll’s Grotto“. The Trolls Grotto is very much like[…]

2012-06-06 17.06.25

Facebook Integration…???

I am not sure what I think of it yet but I am trying further integration of The Gnome’s Garden website with Facebook and The Gnome’s Garden Facebook page. For start, it should post at least a preview of my posts made here onto Facebook. It does allow me to have things like aLike”[…]

Darrell Wade Penner — Dreamer

What should I do with The Gnomestead Stump?

шляхом Gnorman the Gnome
Опубліковано: Марш 29, 2012

“Пень Gnomestead” was my old blog that I kept as an online publication where I tried to publish an article a day. The articles were of an editorial nature on a broad variety of subjects. I kept that up for at least a third of a year until untoward circumstances kept me from keeping[…]

Set Timeline on page to "All"

Accessing The Gnome’s Garden (FB) on a Mobile?

шляхом Gnorman the Gnome
Опубліковано: Марш 28, 2012

Hi! if you are accessing The Gnome’s Garden on Facebook on a Mobile device you will find that only postings by “Gnome в саду” show up. Facebook’s default setting is for a filter that shows the page’s entries on the Timeline. Note that the view below is the Mobile version of the page even though[…]


Gnome, сад - Off хороший старт!

шляхом DWPenner
Опубліковано: Марш 22, 2012

Garden Gnome є на хороший старт на Facebook! У нас є 20 Члени того, сподобалася сторінка вже й так на шляху до нашої першої мети 30! Чому 30 Ви можете запитати? . . . …а я думаю, що повинно було бути риторичним… У всякому випадку з 30 members we get the[…]


Gnome в саду – на Facebook

шляхом DWPenner
Опубліковано: Марш 17, 2012

Я написав про сторінку повторно, починаючи Сад Gnome тут, на, але я думав, я хотів би згадати тут в коментарях… і експериментувати з “Осторонь” Формат, яка доступна для повідомлення в ті ж терміни. Я вирішив, що робити, а не окремих BBS форум, I would focus on doing a Facebook[…]

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