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2010 12 a Space Avatar

In Writing, No One Can Hear You Scream!

Hi! I’m actually referring to how many writers are working in a vacuum. They don’t have anyone at home to bounce ideas off of, or to read the rough drafts to before considering publishing even a blog entry. Do you support your friends and acquaintances? I mean do you actually make comments about what they[…]


Just Checking In!

Howdy, It’s Monday and I thought I would check in with you all! I’m still doing posts on the various blogs and sites I am running. See The Gnome’s Gnet for a list of blogs and sites that I am connected with. I’ll be looking at combine some of the sites into one and deleting[…]


Back on Track… really

Howdy! I am attempting to start getting back on Track with my sites and blogs. This post is the start. The Gnome’s Garden being the central hub to my other sites. I plan on making regular posts on my writing site, “Rose Kleurling bifokale” as well. I hope to be posting here at least once[…]


Tuin en Grotto goed doen.

Howdy weer! Die GNOME se Garden en Die Troll se Grotto is beide goed doen. Ek is nog steeds besig om uit te vind hoe die twee van mekaar verskil, maar ek is steeds 'n goeie gevoel vir die wat. Sommige dinge wat ek normaalweg sou sit in die GNOME se Garden ek om in die Trol se Grotto. Soms het ek[…]

Lilies of the garden.

Die Troll se Grotto.

Howdy! Ek hoop om in staat wees om meer gereeld skryf nou. Ek het 'n paar nuwe tools. Kom ons kyk hoe dit gaan. Nie veel praat oor die nou, Maar ek het begin met 'n nuwe suster bladsy aan die GNOME se tuin. Die nuwe Facebook-bladsy genoem “Die Troll se Grotto“. Die Trolls Grotto is baie soos[…]

2012-06-06 17.06.25

Facebook integrasie…???

Ek is nie seker wat ek dink dit is nie, maar ek probeer om verdere integrasie van die GNOME se Garden webwerf met Facebook en die gnome se Garden Facebook-bladsy. Vir begin, dit moet post ten minste 'n voorskou van my poste wat hier gemaak word op Facebook. Dit laat my dinge soos 'n te hê “Soos”[…]

Darrell Wade Penner — Dreamer

Wat moet ek doen met die Gnomestead Stump?

“Die Gnomestead Stump” was my old blog that I kept as an online publication where I tried to publish an article a day. The articles were of an editorial nature on a broad variety of subjects. I kept that up for at least a third of a year until untoward circumstances kept me from keeping[…]

Set Timeline on page to "All"

Toegang tot die GNOME se tuin (FB) op 'n mobiele?

Published on: Maart 28, 2012

Hi! if you are accessing The Gnome’s Garden on Facebook on a Mobile device you will find that only postings by “Die GNOME se tuin” show up. Facebook’s default setting is for a filter that shows the page’s entries on the Timeline. Note that the view below is the Mobile version of the page even though[…]


The Gnome’s Garden — Off to a Good Start!

Published on: Maart 22, 2012

The Gnome’s Garden is off to a good start on Facebook! We have 20 members having liked the page already and are well on our way to our first goal of 30! Why 30 you might ask? . . . …well I guess that had to be rhetoricalAnyway with 30 members we get the[…]


Die GNOME se tuin – on Facebook

Published on: Maart 17, 2012

I’ve written a page about re-starting The Gnome’s Garden here on Gnomestead.com, but I thought I would mention it here in the notesand experiment with theAsideFormat that is available for posts at the same times. I decided that rather than doing a separate forum BBS, I would focus on doing a Facebook[…]

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