The Grand Gnomestead

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Welcome, this is the Index Page behind the Index Pages of my Web Sites. If you are here you are probably the sort who enjoys a look behind the scenes. Either that or perhaps a friend who was directed here by me personally. Please try to ignore the man behind the curtain.

For the moment this over-site consists of 4 sites which each showcases a different facet of my personality. (There may be further facet sites)

Where my writing will fit in and my interests in science fiction, poetry, and philosophy, I am not sure. For now some will fit into each of the facets that are already defined. Darrell W Penner being more of a Catch-all.

A few very quick notes about me:

My name is Darrell Wade Penner. I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1958 to Edgar and Iris. I have a married sister, Deborah who is married to Donald . My Father's family is out of the Steinbach, Manitoba region. My Mother's family is out of the Brooks and Calgary, Alberta Region though reaching there by way of Okatoks, Alberta and Long Island, New York where my Mother was Born. My Maternal Grandmother came from Norway and my Maternal Grandfather's Family came from Norway as well. My Father's Ancestors came to Southern Manitoba from Russia in 1874 or so when a number of Mennonites left Russia to colonize in Canada. My sister and I came to the Greater Vancouver BC region when my Parents moved to the coast in 1977 to the municipality of Delta, BC. Currently My Parents, Sister, and her Husband live in Surrey, BC while I live not too far away in Port Moody, BC.

One of my main pastimes is Medieval Historical Recreation which I participate in through an organization called the SCA Inc. (Society for Creative Anachronism). It is a worldwide group of over 25,000 individuals. The local branch of the SCA I am involved with is known as the Barony of Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ of the Kingdom of An Tir.

A favourite fictional character I have created is Gnorman the Gnome, sometimes known as Belgnorman. It is from this character and the fact that my Mother's Parents had a Homestead North of Brooks, Alberta that I named this site. The "Grand" comes from the love I feel for my Grandparents.

However more about me in the actual web sites that this is but a sub basement for. This is merely enough to explain perhaps why your search engine might have come up with this page. There are links to other pages for that. I do have other pages indeed on other web servers I have created which I am planning on amalgamating here as I redo them and make allowance for redirecting folks from there to the pages on this bit of web space.


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