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Voyager Direct

About the Game

RSI Citizen card 800 GnomeDWPenner AKA


Account Settings

BOINC Certificate ThumbRSI Citizen card Rear Admiral 800Seti@Home BOINC Project DWPennerStar Citizen SETI@Home Explorers

Asteroids@Home BOINC Project DWPennerStar Citizen Asteroid@Home Explorers

DWPenner SETI ScreenMilkyWay@Home BOINC Project DWPennerStar Citizen MilkyWay@Home Explorers

Ciitzen Card Generator

Citizen Card Generator

Ship Specs

Ship Specs

Ship Specs De Trans

Ship Spread Sheet (MS Skydrive)

Original Ship Page

Two Half Tiger class carriers in the rings of a Gas Giant.
Two Half Tiger class carriers in the rings of a Gas Giant.

Stories on Star Citizen:

The Curse of Wedding Veil Nine

The Curse of Wedding Veil Nine Commentary

Doom of the Bok Globule

Doom of the Bok Globule Commentary

Writing Guides:

Time Capsules

Writer’s Guide

Lore Builder


Star Citizen Galaxy Map (Nagidal’s Map)

Interactive Star Citizen Galactic Map (Zuur’s Map)

DWPenner RSI & Space Art Album on Photo Bucket – Slideshow version.

Star Citizen Wiki

Star Citizen Wiki

channels4_bannerStar Citzen RSI YouTube Channel

Hot Sizzle Vid

File_Star_Citizen_logoStar Citizen – Wikipedia Entry


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  1. DWPenner says:

    I’m putting up links of interest to me that have to do with Star Citizen. I’m trying to include a few interesting pictures along the way too. I can pop-up your Dossier page if you want too.

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