Welcome to the Gnome's Garden. Do to a massive increase in "spambots" creating accounts on the Board we've had to create this screen door to try keep them out. Sorry for any inconvenience. You will find the actual location for the Board in the image below. Hopefully the "spambots" won't think to look for it there. If they do then I will have to make another minor change.

You will find that you can either type in the entire address below, or most likely only have to change a small part of the address of this page to get yourself to the page you want. The current address is:

I hope to make sure I leave enough of these breadcrumbs. I also hope I can update all of them so nobody has to go through more than one.

Please remember to update your favourites or bookmarks.

Thank You,

Belgnorman / Darrell Wade Penner

PS for all you SPAMBOTS looking for the Gnome's Garden, I invite you to take this link to a Forum Board where they want you to visit and join:


SpamSuicide.com is a nice little board someone set up for the purpose of collecting the addresses of spammers and spambots so that people could have a reference to check on when trying to figure out just who joining their board was real and who was just a spambot. SpamSuicide.com is simply a board and it has plenty of warnings not to join it for us people to read. Spambots of course only pretend to read... so far. Anway I figured I would add in this paragraph with a number of links to SpamSuicide.com in order to send the spambots that have been bugging the Gnome's Garden to the very same SpamSuicide.com. That is one reason for all these links.