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Settling Back

…I mean setbacks. I had a few setbacks the past couple of weeks but am settling back into the saddle and getting back on schedule with the blogs and sites. (You can decide which is which.) Look for new material on “The Gnome Tapestry” as well as a post on “Parables latitudinis“. I also[…]


Just Checking In!

Wikipedia, It’s Monday and I thought I would check in with you all! I’m still doing posts on the various blogs and sites I am running. See The Gnome’s Gnet for a list of blogs and sites that I am connected with. I’ll be looking at combine some of the sites into one and deleting[…]

a few spring flowers...

Posting Apace

Wikipedia! Well the last week or two I have been “posting apace” with posts to here, In paradiso Gnome; Wall hortum; Rose Coloured Bifocals; Parables latitudinis; Occurrere, ut unum; Quid putamus; We’ll Make Cents; The Gnome Tapestry; and The Heretical Herald. I know that seems like a lot, but I am basically[…]


I hope you are checking out my other sites/blogs.

Hi! I’ve been working on a number of my other sites lately, bringing them back from a dusty, dark, demise. I might have to come to a point of deciding which to keep and which to drop… or merge with another. I created them all with a reason but for reasons beyond my control wasn’t[…]


Writing on the Garden Wall

Euge, so far so good. As well as beginning to post here, I have started posting on my editorial page “Wall hortum“. Am I too ambitious? I mean trying to actively post in all of my sites? Well most of the ones on that page. Some of my sites have a lot of dust[…]


Speluncae et bene Garden.

Wikipedia denuo! In paradiso, et gnome, quae tam bene cryptam Troglodytarum scriptor. Quam operatur in me ab aliis differunt, at qui in affectione boni questus sum. Quidam autem gnome, quae plerumque in paradiso ego pono in cryptam Troglodytarum scriptor. Aliquando[…]

Lilies of the garden.

Speluncae Troglodytarum scriptor.

Wikipedia! Sperarunt posse nunc scribere sum constantius. I have pauci novus tools. Sit enim quomodo vadit. Iam non multa loquar de, EGO coepi ad ipsum tamen sororem hortum <Spiritus>. Novum est Lorem ipsum dolor “Speluncae Troglodytarum scriptor“. Speluncae simillimus troglodytae[…]

Bright Spring Flowers

LUSTRUM quaererem at urna sit amet.

Wikipedia! Vetus est et ab Gnomestead amet nuper quietem. Quia fortasse stillabunt a paucis plura. Extremo aestatis tempestatem Nos bonus, sed scorchers. September et October magna tincidunt ut. Me fui amet “Byssus Gnomestead” cartoon[…]

2012-06-06 17.06.25

Proin dictum…???

Sed nescio quo tamen puto etiam connexum studeo <Spiritus> Gnome hortum hortum sit amet dolor Cornelius. Nam tincidunt, ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing certe ex illo loco super postes meos Facebook. Non es passus ut sicut omnia “Quasi”[…]


Wall hortum

Meminero me non possum non credere antequam huc. I nomine meo libero Page: “Wall hortum” Ratione, ut scitis et cogitatio multum accepit: Si populus putant, vel de TOPIARIA amet, potest tamen et minime aliquid calumniatur. Scio, interdum[…]

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