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Garden and Grotto doing well.

шляхом Gnorman the Gnome
Опубліковано: January 31, 2013

  Howdy once more!   The Gnome’s Garden and The Troll’s Grotto are both doing well. I’m still working out how the two differ from each other, but I’m getting a good feeling for the that. Some things I would normally put into the Gnome’s Garden I am putting into the Troll’s Grotto. Sometimes I[…]

Lilies of the garden.

The Troll’s Grotto.

Howdy! I’m hoping to be able to write more regularly now. I have a few new tools. Let’s see how this goes. Not much talk about now, however I have started a new sister page to The Gnome’s Garden. The new Facebook page is calledThe Troll’s Grotto“. The Trolls Grotto is very much like[…]

2012-06-06 17.06.25

Facebook Integration…???

I am not sure what I think of it yet but I am trying further integration of The Gnome’s Garden website with Facebook and The Gnome’s Garden Facebook page. For start, it should post at least a preview of my posts made here onto Facebook. It does allow me to have things like aLike”[…]


“Gnomestead” becomes “Gnome в саду”

шляхом Gnorman the Gnome
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Опубліковано: April 15, 2012

After a bit of deliberation I have decided to actually change the name of this site to “Gnome в саду. The domain is still “” and so this will always be The Gnomestead, but this is the place where all my pages essentially are planted. IE you can get to all my other sites from[…]

Bright Spring Flowers

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!

шляхом DWPenner
Опубліковано: April 9, 2012

Spring To my friends far and near I thought that I might bring From my travels around A tiny view and bit of Spring.


Hard at work.

шляхом DWPenner
Опубліковано: Лютий 29, 2012

I am still at work — trying to get the site to a point where I might invite friends to visit. I have added a few more pages to the structure and decided for now to have a static “Ласкаво просимо” page with aNotespagethis one. Rather than going for a two column design[…]


Gnomestead 2012

шляхом DWPenner
Опубліковано: Лютий 29, 2012

Ласкаво просимо в новітній втілення “Gnomestead” або на головну сторінку Darrell Wade Пеннер. Я роблю речі трохи по-іншому на цей раз і буде для функції, а не форма. Моє минуле домашній сайт був трохи складніший в зовнішній вигляд, і дуже добре для свого часу, but was a bit of work[…]

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