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Settling Back

…I mean setbacks. I had a few setbacks the past couple of weeks but am settling back into the saddle and getting back on schedule with the blogs and sites. (You can decide which is which.) Look for new material on “The Gnome Tapestry” as well as a post on “Parables latitudinis“. I also[…]

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In Writing, No One Can Hear You Scream!

Hi! I’m actually referring to how many writers are working in a vacuum. They don’t have anyone at home to bounce ideas off of, or to read the rough drafts to before considering publishing even a blog entry. Do you support your friends and acquaintances? I mean do you actually make comments about what they[…]

a few spring flowers...

Posting Apace

Wikipedia! Well the last week or two I have been “posting apace” with posts to here, In paradiso Gnome; Wall hortum; Rose Coloured Bifocals; Parables latitudinis; Occurrere, ut unum; Quid putamus; We’ll Make Cents; The Gnome Tapestry; and The Heretical Herald. I know that seems like a lot, but I am basically[…]


So Far, So Good

So far, so good. I’ve been making fresh posts on a few of my sites already: The Garden Wall —A Crippled Generation? — part 1 of 3 Rose Coloured Bifocals — Returning to the Desk Parables of Latitude — Sasquatch, Sasquatch, where for art thou Sasquatch? (to be published) I also posted the “Coming Up[…]

Bright Spring Flowers

LUSTRUM quaererem at urna sit amet.

Wikipedia! Vetus est et ab Gnomestead amet nuper quietem. Quia fortasse stillabunt a paucis plura. Extremo aestatis tempestatem Nos bonus, sed scorchers. September et October magna tincidunt ut. Me fui amet “Byssus Gnomestead” cartoon[…]

Lilies of the garden.

Quisque sit iam prope nos…

Aliquam: Simplex
Published on: June 19, 2012

…et quid, quod media,! Et addidit alterum circulum trunco ​​gnome! O vere anni natalis pridie cadit… Vere plena, longissima dies. Postero die in diem saepe ver aestas virgas. …etiam factum est in anno, die qua natus est aestas 22[…]

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