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Back on Track… really

Howdy! I am attempting to start getting back on Track with my sites and blogs. This post is the start. The Gnome’s Garden being the central hub to my other sites. I plan on making regular posts on my writing site, “Rose Coloured Bifocals” as well. I hope to be posting here at least once[…]

Lilies of the garden.

The Troll’s Grotto.

Howdy! I’m hoping to be able to write more regularly now. I have a few new tools. Let’s see how this goes. Not much talk about now, however I have started a new sister page to The Gnome’s Garden. The new Facebook page is called “The Troll’s Grotto“. The Trolls Grotto is very much like[…]


The Garden Wall

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it here before this. I named my Editorial Page: “The Garden Wall” As you know it took quite a lot of consideration and thought: Perhaps people might think it is about gardening or construction, but I don’t think so and a person can misinterpret anything. I know I sometimes[…]

Full Beard

By the Gnome’s Fireside

Appearances I might call my new editorial columnBy the Gnome’s FiresideorBy the Gnome’s Fireplaceor perhapsBy the Gnome’s Campfire”. I am still pondering the decision on that. I will still have to figure out the general appearance. Of course the decision is all mine really. There are a lot of templates[…]

2010 12 a Space Avatar

Added some links to “The Gnomestead”.com

Published on: April 5, 2012

  My Old Homepages I spent a few minutes and added some more links to the bottom of my pages. These are in myex Homepageslinks. They are links to my previous homepages and are a connection to myhistoryon the web. I might have missed a page or two and my[…]


The GNOME Garden - yaxşı bir başlanğıc üçün Off!

The GNOME Bağ Facebook haqqında yaxşı bir başlanğıc üçün qeyri! Biz 20 üzvlərinin ilk qol bizim yolda də artıq səhifə bəyəndim və sonra 30! Niyə 30 xahiş bilər? . . . …yaxşı mən ritorik olduğunu təxmin… Hər halda ilə 30 members we get the[…]


The Gnome’s Garden – on Facebook

Published on: Mart 17, 2012

I’ve written a page about re-starting The Gnome’s Garden here on, but I thought I would mention it here in the notesand experiment with theAsideFormat that is available for posts at the same times. I decided that rather than doing a separate forum BBS, I would focus on doing a Facebook[…]


Website Progress — Links

Categories: Timeline, Veb səhifə
Published on: Mart 11, 2012

The website is progressing well. I have done major work on the links section of the site. Of course this is quite important as one of the main functions of The Gnomestead is to be the gateway to my other sites. One of the larger parts of the work has been to do screen captures[…]



Categories: Timeline, Veb səhifə
Published on: Mart 6, 2012

My New Homepage is now online!… the one you get now if you typegnomestead.comand is attached to the title and menu here. I’ll be working on it as I go adding content and links. I hope to keep it more current than I haveI last updated the homepage May 22, 2006 so[…]


Sausages! -o-o-o-or Links

Categories: Timeline, Veb səhifə
Published on: Mart 1, 2012

I’m doing work on the links page. It is interesting that both no provision and provision is made for Tables in WordPress. The styles are set up to a great extent, though they don’t appear quite right in the editor. They do show up properly on the website. I am as I mentioned placing the[…]

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