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Here is a brief introduction to the SCA I wrote up from the point of view of a member involved locally in the Barony of Lions Gate.

Welcome to Wade's Corner of the SCA World!

In the Society for Creative Anachronism I am known as Lord Wade Anderson of Many Places.

There are links to many pages of my own creation from here. Many you might find are still to be created or are under construction. I hope that there will be enough vitality that you will find new things here fairly frequently. There also will be links to pages by other people and organizations for which I take no credit nor responsibilty.

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What I've done in the SCA

If you would like to find out more about my involvement in the SCA please follow this link for those details.

Wade in the SCA.

My Main SCA Persona

Wade Anderson of Many Places is my main SCA Persona. To find out more about my main Persona in the SCA, please follow this link for details.

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Wade's mundane alter ego, Darrell Wade Penner
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SCA ArmsThe Society for Creative Anachronism Inc. (SCA) is a Medieval Recreation Society that is international in scope. The SCA started in Berkley California over 35 years ago as a theme party and people thought the idea interesting enough to continue on. It is still going strong with over 25,000 paying members world wide and perhaps 3 times that who are actively involved.

Kingdom of An Tir ArmsThe Kingdom of An Tir consists of the Canadian Yukon and Northwest Territories; the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan; and the American States of Washington, Oregon, and the Northern portion of Idaho. Kingdoms in the SCA are ruled by a King and Queen who are chosen at tournaments of arms. In An Tir these happen twice a year.

Principality of Tir Righ ArmsThe Principality of Tir Righ encompasses most of British Columbia West of the Rockies and the Northern Edge of Washington adjacent to British Columbia. Principalities in the SCA are a part of a Kingdom and are ruled by a Prince and Princess who swear fealtiy to the King and Queen. Like the King and Queen they are chosen at tournaments of arms. In Tir Righ we have two such tournaments a year.

Barony of Lions Gate ArmsThe Barony of Lions Gate shares the low lands of the Fraser Valley, and Greater Vancouver Regional District with the Shires of Eisenmarche, Lionsdale, and Shittemwoode. Shittemwoode lies immediately south of the Canada-US Boundry. Baronies are run by a Baron and Baroness. Unlike the Crown and Coronet they are not chosen by tournament. Instead they are chosen by the will of the people in agreement with the King and Queen. They are chosen less frequently than the rulers of the Kingdom and the Principality. Typically every two or so years, though there are exceptions.

Clan Mac Andrew Wolf and Drum BadgeClan MacAndrew is a moderately large household with its roots in Lions Gate and members and associates in a number of branches. The household is a household of service and many members have been and are officers at different levels of the SCA. Members are active in nearly all facets of the SCA. Households are governed by their own internal rules. Often they are headed by the people who founded them. Sometimes the leadership never changes hands, othertimes it changes frequently. It all depends on the household and the purpose behind it.

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Wade's SCA Web Pages

Heraldry: Wade's Heraldry Page. This page contains links to my own heraldry pages as well as those of others which might be of interest or use to people interested in SCA heraldry.

Humour: Comics, The Gnomestead Tapistry. For now only consisting of The Gnomestead Tapistry.

Poetry: Not specifically medieval or SCA, I thought I'd place a link to my poetry page here. There may be some more medieval in flavour here in future.

Cartography: Maps of the SCA "Known World" and eventually some educational material on medieval period cartography.

Projects: This page contains links to various projects of mine which are in many stages from mere fantasy, through being in the works, to those in completion.

Articles: This page contains links to some articles I have written to do with the SCA. Some are serious and other less so.

SCA Links Page: A page of links, bookmarks, or favourites to sites of interest to people interested in the time period covered by the SCA.

SCA Social Circle: Web Pages of friends and aquantences and perhaps other items of community. Would you like a simple SCA web page of your own?

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Alternate Personae under development:

Wido Noarsk - Frisian Norwegian Merchant from 12th century

Vik Anderson - Norse explorer from 11th century

Wade of Laneham - 13th century English troubadour or herald

Christoph Nikolaus Kringel - 16th century philanthropist, toy maker, inventor, artist, and philosopher from the black forest with relatives from North Norway or somewhere North.

Don't go here.

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