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Darrell done up as Jedi KnightWelcome to my web site. This page links to other pages and sites of mine. Also to a few pages of special interest of mine which deal with my interests.

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Interests and Organizations

Medieval History Recreation (SCA)

I belong to the SCA. For recreation we recreate aspects of the Middle Ages. Some things we avoid like the plague. You can reach my SCA Website by clicking on the shield immediately below this. The shield has the coat of arms I have registered in the SCA.

Port Moody Heritage Society

I also belong to the Port Moody Heritage Society. Clicking on their logo below will take you to the Port Moody Station Museum Web Site. I'm now on the Board of Directors for the Society.

The Heritage Society is a private society that runs the Port Moody Station Museum. I'm also a volunteer for them and manage their website.

Port Moody Station Museum Logo

Photos for Figure Drawing

I started this Yahoo! Group as a place for artists to find images to draw the human figure from. It provides a place for models and artists to meet and post images and to discuss issues around depicting the human figure in drawings, paintings, and such.

It is a serious group and doesn't tolerate images which would not be appropriate in publications such as Time Life Books or National Geographic.

There are now over 1000 members.

The link below will take you to Photos for Figure Drawing.

This Yahoo! Group is all about people in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC recycling things they don't need to people who need them, at no cost.

Where I Live

I live in the City of Port Moody It is on the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia.

This image is from behind a shopping centre of a major Port Moody intersection for commuters to and from Vancouver BC. The shot at present is centred on Eagle Mountain which is around 2 km away and 1 km tall. (The camera is facing NNE) The West Coast Express communter rail station is in the background behind buildings and the train might be seen during peak commuting hours . Click on the picture for the past 24 images. The camera is only in operation occasionally, but when it is, I have it set for half hourly intervals or if I see anything interesting like a UFO or Japanese Movie Monster strolling by the mountain.

Port Moody Centre - Web Cam

Map (satellite photo & map) of the City of Port Moody area Courtesy of Google Maps

Port Moody Weather Conditions

A short trivia quiz.

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Role Playing Games

I've been playing in Role Playing Games and running them since the 1970's. I have been working on my own Fantasy world for running Games in and have been running a few campaigns in it lately. Some day I hope it will be ready for Public consumption.

World of Verden

Current Projects

Knights of Change: Order of the Dime - Something uplifting

Art - A link to some of my artwork including: painting, sketching, computer graphic, sculpting and perhaps other.

Poetry - A link to some of my poetry including haiku, free verse, and more standard works.

Writing - Other samples of my writing.

Gaming - Work I'm doing on fantasy adventure games.

Comic Strip - Comic strips I'm working on.

Web Site Designs - Web sites I have designed or have worked on.

The Odd Page - An Odd Page

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