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This page links, or will link to pages which showcase various pieces of artwork I have done. My artwork is done rather intermitantly. I'll go for long spells without doing much at all and then for a few months do a fair amount. For now I have divided it into a few subsections:

Dimensional: Sculpting, Carving, and Modeling objects in three dimensions and perhaps relief.

Graphic: Working with shapes, most often using computer graphics. There might be some crossover with other areas. Photographic manipulation with the computer will be found in the Photographic section. I'll probably place paintings and sketches that I actually do using the computer in this section.

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil, and other paintings. For the most part I have only been working with the Acrylic medium.

Photographic: This area will have some of my photography eventually, but it will also have examples of photographic manipulations and fake photographs that I do in it.

Sketch & Drawing: I shall place images of my Sketches and Drawings in this section. Perhaps I might place some that I do using the computer in here, though I plan on for the most part restricting this section to sketches and drawings I do by hand.

Textile: I'll be including examples of embroidery, sewing, needlepoint and similar items in this section. Much of it is done in conjunction with my involvement in the SCA Medieveal Historical Society.

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