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Animated Globe The World of Verden
Verden is my own personal fantasy gaming world which are the setting for the gaming campaigns I run as well as the setting for a number of fantasy stories I am writing and have written.
The Verden Page (Information and Journals from my world of Verden.)
The Verden Gaming Group
The Verden Gaming Page
Some of My More Memorable Characters:

No One, the elf with no name

Lerrad of the Black Company

Gnorman the Gnome

Karak the Great


Squirrel the Viridian Protector

Jinglebush Hardtoes


Master's Mate Bensene Scott

Dr Fox-Burroughs

Isolade nic Adelade

Manuel Bartholemeaux Artimis Rodriguize Tierra del Fuego

Arthur Pensance

Allerrada Pendrada, Jedi Knight (aka Jedi Pendra of Naboo)

Southern Campaign

Arctic Campaign

Fairy Road Campaign

Golden Blanket Campaign


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