Settling Back

IMG_1086c…I mean setbacks. :-)

I had a few setbacks the past couple of weeks but am settling back into the saddle and getting back on schedule with the blogs and sites. (You can decide which is which.)

Look for new material on “The Gnome Tapestry” as well as a post on “Parables of Latitude“. I also have done another post onThe Garden Wall.There are other posts to come as well.

A few years ago I realized how powerful WordPress could be and that it would be great for a way to produce websites without complicated site building tools. I pointed our Port Moody Station Museum in that direction and the website built using WordPress has just what the museum needs for its website.

Since then, I have noted more and more sites using WordPress, whether they are advertising such or not including very big institutions taking advantage of the strengths of WordPress.

It is pretty cool to be a trendsetter. LOL


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