Posting Apace

a few spring flowers...Howdy!

Well the last week or two I have beenposting apacewith posts to here, The Gnome’s Garden; The Garden Wall; Роза Кольорові біфокальні очки; Притчі Latitude; Зіткнення, як один; Що таке спадщина; We’ll Make Cents; The Gnome Tapestry; and The Heretical Herald.

I know that seems like a lot, but I am basically posting once or twice a day. Some of those blogs mentioned are published two or three times a week, while others are once a week and even others are in a rotation so they get published every third week. Actually there are a few others I haven’t gotten to as they are on that. Actually a few are collaborations, and one is a charity I volunteer for — We’ll Make Cents.

PenroseI may combine a few of the sites with one or two of the others to keep things reasonable, but for the moment I am having fun.


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