“The Gnomestead” becomes “The Gnome’s Garden”

After a bit of deliberation I have decided to actually change the name of this site to “The Gnome’s Garden. The domain is still “gnomestead.com” and so this will always be The Gnomestead, but this is the place where all my pages essentially are planted. IE you can get to all my other sites from the garden path here.

Perhaps I’ll change my mind again later. However I think that with the decision not to have The Gnome’s Garden as a Forum, that it is good to have it for the name for the website. That way the Facebook actually can be the page representing something. If I do decide to do a forum at some distant point in the future we can figure that one out then. For now… I am still considering the name for my editorial column. I have two terms I am playing with to include in the title… either one, the other, or both. They have both personal and topical connections to me and the idea of editorial comment and discussion. We shall be pondering it a bit more yet.


The Gnome

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Published on: April 15, 2012

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