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I might call my new editorial column “By the Gnome’s Fireside” or “By the Gnome’s Fireplace” or perhaps “By the Gnome’s Campfire”. I am still pondering the decision on that. I will still have to figure out the general appearance. Of course the decision is all mine really. There are a lot of templates to chose from on the WordPress site. I do not have to stick with the format this site is using. In fact, for something that is to be like an editorial column, probably a different format for the template would be better.

If you want to have a peep at my other sites — there are links on “The Gnome’s Gnet” page — you can let me know if there are some ideas you have. I am not in a rush. I want to do this right and not have to re-do things.

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Published on: April 7, 2012

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  1. Sharon says:

    Using an actual flame, campfire or starry sky w/ fire logo/avatar would be very inviting, Darrell. Just sayin’. xx

  2. Sharon says:

    Animated flame would be kewl!, too.

  3. DWPenner says:

    Actually, I have been reconsidering… wanting the column to be a bit serious I am reconsidering the kitsch of the Gnome and fireside bit… also the whole root of the thing.

    I’ll go into that more in an actual post though. But the flames, etc. sound like something to incorporate. I’ll get into a post about it when I get through my Facebook Notifications and the Gnome’s Garden page.

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