What’s in a Name — My New Editorial Page.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Me Standing in the Gateway to the Odd PageWhat should I call my new Editorial Page?

I decided that I will start a new editorial page. Not long ago I did a daily editorial page called “An stacán Gnomestead” and while I could continue it even after a bit of a gap, I think perhaps I will start a new one.

I have a few reasons for the decision. A number have to do with control of content. I have a more flexibility on a host I pay. I still have to stay within the law of course. I do have recourse to change provider if regulations are not what I care for.

Fós, the largest reason I decided to make the change was a matter of the name. “An stacán Gnomestead” is a bit of an odd name. It fit in with the whole “Gnomestead” “Garden Gnome ar” motif. I also had theGnome’s Campfireand later theGnome’s Village”. I had already used the Gnome’s CampfireI wanted a place where people might come around and listen. So I figured rather than a soap boxa stump, like the log you might sit or stand on by the campfire would work as a base for a name.

Now, I have “An Gnomestead” which I keep in “gnomestead.com” agus “Gairdín an Gnome ar”. But, I want a better name for my editorial site. Otherwise I could just keep “An stacán Gnomestead” on Blogspot.

Here are my thoughts for a new name:

  1. The Gnome’s Campfire
  2. The Gnome’s Bonfire
  3. The Gnome’s Fireside
  4. The Gnome’s Soapbox
  5. By the Gnome’s Fireplace
  6. Gnorman’s Campfire
  7. Gnorman’s Fireside
  8. Gnorman’s Soapbox


I am not sure if there might be better names or if I should get away from Gnomes and GnormanI’m looking for ideas.

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  1. Sharon deir:

    By the Gnomes Fireside has a nice ring to it.

  2. DWPenner deir:

    I could work with that. I hope a few others might come and give their thoughts.

  3. Sharon deir:

    Exactly, what are your hopes for the page? I hope it makes you happy. I can not say WHEN I will be able toparticipate”, fós. Please, if you want me to be there, all you have to do is ask. I try to support all your projects. XX

  4. DWPenner deir:

    The page will be an Editorial Column basically. I hope to write on it regularly — though I haven’t decided on the frequency. A schedule is important otherwise it seems that such things fall by the wayside. Anyway What I would hope for is finding people to read the editorial pieces and if they like, to post comments, though that is not necessary. Finding a readership is the big thing. So when it gets started spreading it via Facebook friends and Twitter as well as Word of Mouth through my contacts will be important.

  5. Sharon deir:

    Faigh amach as an stuif Gnome, Darrell. In ómós d'athair, a thabhairt ar an leathanach eagarthóireachta, a name that shares his memory in some way. What a wonderful way to have him alive and fluttering his angels wings with joy every time you are online.

    • DWPenner deir:

      Hi Sharon, Tá mé imithe le “An Balla Garden” chun an t-ainm. Gan bata leis “Gairdín an Gnome ar” téama, but because throughout my life my interaction with Dad often has been around Walls and Fences. When I was 2 nó 3 we worked on the fence of Mom and Dad’s first house. We worked on the fences of all the homes. We also built walls in the basements of the houses and I learnt a lot of skills and it was time Dad and I could spend together. We also built a great stone retaining wall. It was functional and decorative and will stand for who knows how longas long as the house and could outlast it even.

      But building walls and fences we chatted and talkedand I grumbled a lot about the workand early on learnt about workmanship and the value of hard work and that if you put your mind to it, you could do most anything.

      And thenbuilding the fences and wall we chatted with neighbours and when we were landscaping around the wallwe visited more. The wall with lush grass planted above parts of it, was so nice to sit on and so solid. We could take pride in it validly.

      If you see these words again, it will have become a post on The Garden Wall.


  6. DWPenner deir:

    I was thinking and discussed it with Mom and really doing something to memorialise Dad with the name just didn’t seem appropriate. Dad just wasn’t that sort and it really isn’t our family way. Dad would be proud if I write and am successful with the writing and enjoy it.

    I had been planning on going with “Gairdín an Gnome ar”. It was a simple, straight forward choice, but I have been researching names today. Unfortunately doing that with a colossal headache doesn’t help much. I think I might put it on the dwpenner.ca domain rather than the gnomestead.com one perhaps. The biggest downside to “Gairdín an Gnome ar” is that people expect either a site on gardening or on fantasy creatures.

    I have toyed with the idea ofThe Fence” nó “One the Fence” nó “Off the Fence” nó “On the Fence”. With the reasoning behind it that I am getting frustrated with too manyisms” agus “istsand too much dividing the world into categories. I think that there is some sort of phobia or hatred or snobery against people who take a bit of time to look at issues before making a decision and where people might realize that not enough information is in to make an informed choice. Too many people are herded into following without knowing what they are following. They are going down the cattle chutetrue they chose the cattle chute, but they didn’t know whether it went to the slaughter house or to the cattle car leading ot pasture.

    The point ofFences” nó “The Fenceis that it is okay to discuss an decision. You don’t have to blindly follow a leader. It is not a sign of weakness to change your mind if new information comes to light. Some fencesshouldbe wide enough to sit on for a while. Some fences should not be sat on. Some fences should be torn downso you get the drift for the theme of those name ideas.

Fáilte , lá atá inniu ann is é Dé hAoine, Feabhra 23, 2018