Dur au travail.

Je suis toujours à l'œuvre - en essayant d'obtenir le site à un point où je pourrais inviter des amis à visiter. J'ai ajouté quelques pages plus à la structure et a décidé pour l'instant d'avoir une statique “Accueil” page avec un “Remarques” page… celui-ci. Rather than going for a two column design I am going for a single column designfor now with a three column footer. I put a search window in the header imagethough am not 100% happy with it there. Perhaps I will keep this Theme, perhaps look for another. I just liked my old design and this is the first I found with the rounded corner rectangle fitting within the screen size.

Now a matter of what content to include from the previous site and what to addand what to include from the site before that I never did get around to update.

I also have my plan to resurrect The Gnome’s Garden. Whether or not to use phpBB3 or not is the question. I am not sure that I will upgrade what is there or just start fresh. I have this idea about going to simplify a phpBB3 board to something more like an original Citadel style board. I still don’t think there is any Cit board that you can run on a remote server.

My plans still are to make it simple for people to transition too and from Facebook to the Gnomestead. I just hope my security measures will take the strain. I think this measure is necessary in order to keep users. Conversely I think I can offer somesecurity”/”privacythat Facebook just can’t offermind you, that will hinge on personal trust that members would have in me.

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